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Tickets & Travel


Once you have purchased your Official Membership and sent us your Membership number we can then apply for tickets on your behalf.

You must email a request for the ticket(s) along with your name(s) to Please remember the tickets requested must be used by the named members.

You can request tickets for any games at any point you wish but must be before the deadline date. The deadline dates for ticket requests will be sent out regularly by email. Payment for the ticket is required once you have had confirmation from us that the ticket(s) have been allocated to you. We will send a separate email to you detailing how to pay for your ticket, this must be paid immediately.

We are able to source tickets through the supporters club allocation, tickets that would very often be either difficult to get through independent ballot applications or in many occasions sold out.

Please note that the branch do not get an allocation for European games, FA Cup or League cup games. Any emails sent regarding these fixtures will be ignored.

Branch members season tickets

The branch will always try to use members’ season tickets for games where they are not going to themselves.

We sell them to branch members and we only ever take a maximum of face value cost of the ticket.

If you have a season ticket & it has a value of £40 per game……that’s what we sell it on and you will get 50% of the face value and the branch will get the other 50%.

If we have games where we are struggling to fill the bus, ie a midweek fixture, we may on occasion send out an email, asking if season ticket holders would allow us to either sell on their tickets at a discounted price, or allow branch members to use them for free. This helps us generate a little bit of lost money when we are struggling to fill our supporters bus.

While we want to encourage season ticket holders to go to as many games as possible, we understand that this is simply not possible for many.
The more games you travel with us, the more we are likely to sell on your tickets. Priority will always be given to branch members who travel to most games with us.

Please note, we do not need to use your tickets as we can get tickets direct from MUFC, however, We do it to help our branch members, as a goodwill gesture.

Travel Information

We have a 53/57 seater luxury coach to travel to Manchester.

Our coaches leave from the following departure points:

  • Dunfermline Retail Park, KFC
  • Edinburgh, Hillend, Biggar Road, Esso Garage

We can also arrange to pick up individuals from the following points, Biggar, Abington, Lockerbie, Annandale Water Services, Gretna & Southwaite Services. If you require to be picked up from these points then please email us in advance of the game at

Once you have subscribed you will get coach booking forms sent via email. These forms will be sent a number of weeks prior to the games. You can then make your appropriate coach bookings.

The prices for the coach are as follows:

  • Adults: £35
  • Under 16: £25

The payment for the coach is made via bank transfer. Details of the branch bank account are sent out with respective booking links for each game.

You will receive a confirmation email approximately 7 days prior to the game confirming departure times and points. The coach leaves approximatley 7 hours 30 minutes before kick off from Dunfermline and 7 hours before kick off from Edinburgh. Subject to change.